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Pitch Training Program

An investor can view dozens of project presentations and startups each month. Beyond the potential and quality of the research in question, what can make one stand out from the rest? How to turn and adapt an idea into a story that captures a virtual potential public?

In order to help entrepreneurs define their pitch and performance to investors, corporate ventures and scouts, Biocat is launching a specific program, led by two industry experts with a track record and consolidated experience, where each project or startup will receive coaching in a personalized way.

Pitch Training Program is aimed at projects and startups that need to improve their presentation to investors, corporate ventures and scouts in the life sciences and health sector. The program will help participants to know what are the strengths in the communication of their project and the critical points to make a qualitative leap in the transmission of their message, both from the point of view of content (business model) and form ( performance).

Participants will have 2 face-to-face training sessions for each project/startup, the first of 2 hours and the second of 1 hour, in two different weeks, in order to incorporate the feedback received between each session.

Later on, as new this year, students will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned in front of a panel of 3 experts including investors. This event will take place on December 14 and will be held in virtual format, at which time participants will have to adapt the presentation to the online format.



The participants will get feedback on their business idea, key messages, storytelling and slides, as well as their performance in front of the audience. The sessions will include personalized attention from the two experts, who will both work with each company in the two sessions:

Luis Ruiz-Avila

With a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Barcelona and a postgraduate degree in Senior Business Management from IESE Business School, Luis Ruiz-Avila has a long career as the CEO of several biomedical and biotech start-ups, including ERA Biotech, Advancell, TCD Pharma, Archivel Farma and Spherium Biomed. He is currently CEO of Aquilón Cyl and Leukos Biotech, business adviser to Biointaxis and a mentor in the EIT Health Mentor & Coaching Network.

Diana Sansó

With a degree in Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and a coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute, Diana Sansó is a Senior Manager at in4impact and has more than 15 years of experience in human resources and coaching. In the biomedical sector, she has headed up the Training and Development Department at Sanofi-Aventis Spain, where she also worked to foster the cultural merger of these two organizations, and was the Human Resources business partner at Boehringer Ingelheim. She has also worked abroad, holding consultancy and corporate training positions at Arthur Andersen and as head of Human Resources for Inditex in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Fees and registration

The program costs €200 per project or startup and includes the 2 face-to-face classes and the virtual practical session, scheduled in different weeks between September and December 2021.