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Vision, mission and values


The aim of Biocat is to position the BioRegion of Catalonia as one of the strongest and most collaborative ecosystems in the world of the healthcare and life sciences sector, recognized for its excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship. 



Biocat acts as a strategic agent and catalyst in the construction of the Catalan health and life sciences ecosystem.

Biocat encourages all the stakeholders of the BioRegion (companies, research groups and entities, hospitals and innovation support structures) to transform knowledge and technology into economic growth and to create a social impact. 



In carrying out its mission, Biocat always takes into account the following values in all of its actions:

  • Flexibility and innovation: with a flexible, adaptable structure, Biocat is attentive to any changes in the environment in order to design strategies to address future challenges and changing needs in a young, growing sector.
  • Collaboration: Biocat facilitates networking and teamwork among the public and private stakeholders in the BioRegion to ensure the sector’s consolidation and development. Biocat gets companies and organizations involved in designing its programs and acts as a platform and meeting point for national and international networks and projects.
  • Quality and efficacy: Biocat pursues the highest standards of quality in all its projects, fitting of the excellence of Catalan research and the professionalism that the business sector is known for.
  • Service oriented: through ongoing, fluent dialog with the stakeholders in the sector, Biocat addresses their needs quickly and effectively. In fact, an essential part of Biocat’s work is to reduce the obstacles companies and centers come up against in carrying out their daily activity and to design solutions tailored to the different types of organizations in the sector.
  • Commitment: Biocat’s firm commitment to its goals and to constantly striving to achieve them is key to its success