Thirty-one percent of the CEO's and founders of companies in the healthcare sector created in Catalonia since 2018 are women, a much higher percentage than in previous years. Let’s learn about these professionals who are contributing to reversing the trend.

Elevator pitch competition for start-ups in the BioRegion of Catalonia.

The BioRegion of Catalonia has a solid local investment fabric and the number of international investors has grown tenfold over the past 5 years. How will the pandemic affect their activity? Companies are seeing some operations postponed, but investors, for now, are optimistic: activity won’t stop, quite the opposite, this will boost interest to attract more investment.

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The start-ups in the BioRegion enjoy robust health. This is revealed by the Study on investment in the life sciences and healthcare industry in Catalonia 2020, which was presented today by Biocat, CataloniaBio &...
Boosting the safety of healthcare professionals when operating and improving surgery technologies are just some of the ideas that emerged this year from the d·HEALTH Barcelona graduate program, which showcased the...
On Thursday, July 2, the fourth edition of the Study on investment in the life sciences and healthcare industry in Catalonia 2020 will be presented online, featuring a selection of investment indicators for the business...

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Jordi Martorell i Noemí Balà

Aortyx, a start-up created through a collaboration between IQS and Hospital Clinic Barcelona, is developing a medical device for non-invasive treatment of the most deadly aorta diseases: aortic dissection and aortic aneurysm.