The theme Healing, feeding and fueling the world, used by BIO, the top convention in the biotech sector, is useful for categorizing the applications of biotechnology. Of these applications, red biotech has the most impact on quality of life and the international economy.


In 2015 it is estimated that more than half of all new medicines will be of biotech origin. Biotechnology is having a significant effect on the drug chain, both regarding annual sales and growth and as a vector for discovering new drugs to treat previously untreatable diseases.


Biocat creates and publishes a selection of documents and reports related to biotechnology and the global biotech market, from prestigious international bodies. They will help you get first-hand knowledge of the indicators, new trends and future perspective of this growing sector.

Expert opinions
Chronic pain

Chronic inflammatory (1) and neuropathic (2) pain affect a high percentage of the population and, despite significant advances, are still difficult to treat. Research into new therapies is one of the main challenges currently facing this field.


Statistics is trendy. What made 632 secondary students sign up for the third Survey and Experiments Nursery statistics contest? [1]. Young people, through their teachers, are discovering the draw not only of experimenting, but also of quantifying the results.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology in Europe is a broad church, as evidenced by the range of speakers and content presented at the first Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe  conference (ASBE 2012) 6 to 8 February this year at Barcelona.


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic illness characterized by increased blood glucose levels. It is caused by a variety of disorders, including insufficient insulin production, secreted by the β cells in the pancreas, or by the body’s inability to properly respond to insulin produced, which affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. The World Health Organization recognizes three types of diabetes mellitus: type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

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