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Biocat’s Jobs Listing site is your one-stop reference for jobs in the biotechnology, biomedical, and medical technology sectors in Catalonia. You can find available positions, grants and scholarships at companies and research organizations throughout the BioRegion of Catalonia.

Biocat does not manage the applicant's CV -with the exception of Biocat offer jobs to cover positions within the institution itself. To apply for an offer posted on this website, you should contact the company directly through a contact email that you will find in each job offer.

Data límit Profile Offered by
14.12.2017 Predoctoral Researcher - UNINN.pdf
The Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR)
14.12.2017 Predoctoral Research Scientist - UNINN (Bitmap).pdf
The Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR)
15.12.2017 Medical Science Liaison .pdf
15.12.2017 Life Sciences Group Leader – R4 (2 POSITIONS).pdf
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
15.12.2017 Two Senior Group Leader Positions.pdf
15.12.2017 Two Junior Group Leader Positions.pdf
15.12.2017 Bioestadístico Junior.pdf
Clever Instruments
15.12.2017 Financial Project Officer (ref. AD /17/05).pdf
IRB Barcelona
15.12.2017 Convocatòria ajuda Personal Tècnic de suport (PTA).pdf
15.12.2017 Juan de da Cierva (training) candidates.pdf


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