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What is the Advanced Therapies Network of Catalonia?

Goals of the Advanced Therapies Network of Catalonia

Advanced therapies or ATMP (Advanced therapy medicinal products) are drugs for human use that are based on gene or cell therapies, tissue engineering and combinations with other medical and biological products. These personalized therapies have the potential to provide new alternatives for patients with a variety of diseases, although the costs and risks involved in their development are still very high, making it difficult for healthcare systems to fund them.

The Advanced Therapies Network of Catalonia, coordinated by Biocat, seeks to tackle these challenges and aims to promote research, manufacturing and development of these therapies in order to make them accessible to the people quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

It is made up of companies and research organizations that work, provide services and/or have experience in research and development of these therapies.

The Network facilitates knowledge and technology transfer, collaboration among R&I groups, and promotion of public-private partnerships and other initiatives that help boost advanced therapies in Catalonia.

Participating companies and organizations can:

  • Discover the skills, knowledge and services the ecosystem has to offer.
  • Forge relationships with other members.
  • Promote public-private partnerships.
  • Benefit from various international initiatives that Biocat attracts in the advanced therapies arena.
  • Take part in the various initiatives the Hub runs. 

Investigadora del Banc de Sang i Teixits. Crèdit: BSC. Xarxa de Teràpies Avançades de Catalunya
Blood and Tissue Bank researcher Credit: BSC. Advanced Therapies Network of Catalonia
Network members

Join the Network

The Network is open to any organizations in the BioRegion of Catalonia, public or private, that work, provide services and/or have expertise in developing advanced and emerging therapies. 

Membership criteria:

  • Organizations established in Catalonia with an advanced or emerging therapies product that has been approved, is in the clinical phases or is in clinical trials at hospitals in Catalonia.
  • Hospitals that have applied advanced and emerging therapies or have research groups working on these therapies and are close to the clinical phases.
  • Organizations established in the BioRegion that are currently working on some stage of the production process for an advanced therapy or have facilities that could be made available to participate in the process.
  • Organizations that have a line of business specializing in advanced therapies.
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