Biocat acted quickly in all its means of communication, connection, acceleration and projection to respond in a way worthy of the sector at a time known globally as “the great acceleration”.

The pandemic has sped up the growth trend in digital health in the BioRegion that started several years ago. In fact, last year Barcelona became the 5th. most invested city in Digital Health in Europe. But, what are the main challenges facing this sector?

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Outstanding biotech round and increase in available funds In July, one of the most important biotech crowdfunding rounds of the year was closed. The Catalan company VEnvirotech, which uses bacteria to transform organic...
The event on the change in the healthcare model, XPatient Barcelona Congress, is holding its sixth edition this September to examine how the experience of the pandemic has changed our perceptions and ways of doing...
The first meeting of the fourth Open Innovation Forum, a program that connects challenges proposed by companies with research groups in the BioRegion, was held this month online. In total, 70 participants, companies and...

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Tomàs is CEO of Nixi for Children. He studied design and has been a lecturer and professor at ESADE and EINA. His company has received various institutional recognitions like the DKV Impacte award for best health technology initiative and the BizBarcelona award for best Covid-19 initiative from Barcelona Activa.