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The BioRegion of Catalonia is one of the most vibrant life sciences and health innovation ecosystems in Europe. It is made up of companies, research bodies and centers, hospitals, universities, administrations and support bodies that work in this strategic sector in Catalonia. It currently contributes 8% of Catalonia’s GDP and employs nearly 6.5% of the population.

The life sciences and health innovation ecosystem in Catalonia

More than 1,750 organizations that drive innovation in health and frontier research

The BioRegion has around a hundred research entities and over 1,400 companies, of which 550 are startups and scaleups.

The ecosystem has over 1,500 organizations that drive innovation in health and research

Catalonia is a leader in health innovation and competitiveness, with the Bioregion of Catalonia being a hub for cutting-edge research, startups, and international investment, and is committed to driving the future of healthcare with a focus on digitalization and AI strategy. Catalonia's impact resonates globally, making it a pivotal player in shaping the future of health and innovation. 

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A growing ecosystem

Investment in startups in the BioRegion has remained above €200 million for the fourth consecutive year

The investment figures, number of startups and spinoffs, and macroeconomic indicators have continued to grow over the past five years. Since 2020, investment in startups and scaleups has exceeded €200 million, with a record in 2022 when a single company raised more funds than the total sum of 2018. Industry turnover has increased by 6.8% compared to the previous year, and employment by 23% in the last five years.


secured by startups and scaleups in 2023


sector turnover in 2022


jobs in 2022

Areas of excellence

Leaders in cancer research and trials

The BioRegion has unique capacities in genomics and structural biology and stands out in areas like medical chemistry, nanomedicine, omic sciences, bioinformatics and big data.

Clinical trials

With over 1,200 active clinical trials, Catalonia is ranked 6th in Europe and 9th in the world. 


In cancer, the BioRegion has capacities throughout the value chain, from basic research to clinical and translational research.


University hospitals and healthcare centers are world renowned in oncology, thoracic and cardiac surgery, kidney transplants and ophthalmologic surgery.

Innovation pipeline

The BioRegion currently has a pipeline of 58 therapies in clinical development, mainly in oncology, neurology, dermatology, infectious and minority diseases, and fertility. Of these, 20 are non-industrial manufacturing treatments managed by hospitals and research facilities.

Digital health

In 10 years, more than 200 digital health companies have been created in Catalonia, focusing on such diverse fields as clinical telemedicine tools, digital therapies, support for medical decision-making and health apps.

Advanced therapies

We strive to be an international benchmark in the production, development and adoption of advanced therapies and bioengineering technologies.

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Research and Development

Leaders in scientific publications and competitive European funds

Catalonia is among the top 5 in Europe (per million inhabitants) for indicators like scientific publications, competitive resources secured for research projects and grants from the European Research Council (ERC) in the life sciences and health.


scientific publications in Catalonia (2016-2022)


H2020 funds secured (2016-2021)


ERC grants (2016-2021)

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