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Startup generation

The road to entrepreneurship in health is full of opportunities, but also complex decisions and hurdles to overcome. We interview members of the entrepreneurial community to hear about their experience on this path, the difficulties they’ve had, how to set up a team, what they value most from the experience and their tips for others who want to create a startup.

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    "Surround yourself with people who know more than you"
    Max Hardy-Werbin
    Founder and CEO of Trialing
    "95% of all your fears are false"
    Pol Solà-Santos
    Co-fundador de
    “Everything takes longer than expected, so be realistic about the timelines”
    Silvia Frutos
    Cofounder and CTO of SpliceBio
    “Sometimes impossible only comes later”
    Meritxell Teixidó
    CEO and CSO of Gate2Brain
    "A great idea is worthless without a business model"
    Sofía Ferreira
    Co-founder of Heecap
    "The patient must be the main priority of your business"
    Diliara Lupenko
    Chief Operations Officer at Impress
    “Fail fast, fail cheap doesn’t apply to healthcare startups”
    Sergi Valverde
    Co-founder and CEO of Tensormedical
    "Invest more in lawyers and less in furniture"
    Ignasi Belda
    CEO at MiWEndo Solutions
    “It’s important to get good legal advice right from the start”
    Adrián Dorado
    UX/UI Manager and Co-founder of Qualud and Laia Contigo
    Carla Zaldúa
    ‘One out of every three cases of Alzheimer could be predicted’
    Carla Zaldúa
    co-founder and CEO of acceXible
    Tomàs Lóbez Pérez
    "As an entrepreneur, every day can be your last day"
    Tomàs Lóbez Pérez
    CEO of Nixi for Children
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