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NutrEvent and AgeingFit 2021 will be held jointly from January 25 to 28 digitally. AgeingFit is the event that has a 360 ° approach to building partnerships for innovation in the care market for the elderly. During the last edition, AgeingFit 2020 gathered 600 participants, from more than 25 countries, with one goal in mind: to connect with business potential, research, and financial partners, in order to launch new products and services for the senior market. 75 speeches and more than 1,500 one-to-one meetings were held.

AgeingFit is designed for E-health, medical devices, nutrition, service providers and academic research groups, as well as health insurers and nursing homes.

Biocat Discount:

The companies of the BioRegion will be able to obtain a discount:

  • 20% of the normal price until September 28, 2020.

  • 10% of the normal price until January 4, 2021.

  • 10% of late registration prices from January 5, 2021, until the event.

  • All of the discounts are on regular fees. The companies of the BioRegion that want to enjoy this discount must indicate at the time of registration in the code: AFBiocat10420

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