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Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Science Park and Biocat.

BCN Health Booster is a 3-year program aimed at companies in the health sector to accelerate by accessing a laboratory at the Barcelona Science Park and a specialized acceleration program taught by Biocat. This is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Science Park, Barcelona Activa and Biocat.

After the halfway point of the program, the main indicators of the acceleration will be presented and participating companies will share the evolution of the project, what their challenges and needs have been and what the program has given them to help them in relevant aspects such as product development, financing, team growth or intellectual protection.


Summary of the first year and a half of the accelerator. Speaker: Maria Terrades, CEO Parc Científic de Barcelona.

  • Presentation of the acceleration program and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the startups.
  • Milestones and relevant information about the results of the startups participating in the program during 2022.

Round table. Moderator: Núria Martí, Director of Innovation, Biocat.

  • Mercè Frias, COO Ona Therapeutics
  • Marina Rigau, CEO and Co-founder Mimark
  • Gisela Lorente, CSO/CEO and co-founder of Aptadel Therapeutics

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