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MetroWest Life Sciences Network

In conjunction with BIO International 2023, MetroWest Life Sciences Network invites companies to attend the BIO Tour, which will allow participants to visit and learn more about what the Boston ecosystem has to offer the life sciences and healthcare sector. MetroWest Life Sciences Network is dedicated to building an active community of life sciences professionals through collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Program Friday 9 June

9.00 h. Departure from Boston to Lykan Bioscience, Hopkington.

10.00 h. Welcome by Metrowest Life Science Opportunities.

12.00 h. Breakfast and visit to Abi-Lab. There will also be a round table discussion Navigate, Grow and Thrive in MetroWest BIO.

14.00 h. Visit to Sanofi - Framingham.

16.00 h. Return to Boston. 

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