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Parc de Recerca UAB

On June 2 and 3, the UAB Research Park Foundation is organizing a seminar where participants will gain innovation, management and entrepreneurial skills, as well as knowledge about the key aspects of the technology transfer ecosystem.

The Director of Biocat, Jordi Naval, will be the first speaker of the second day of the seminar covering the Life Sciences Entrepreneur world. The director of MOEBIO, Raquel Riera, will introduce CRAASH Barcelona program in the Tech Transfer programs section.

The main objectives of the events are:

  • Make a clear difference between basic research and applied research. 

  • Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset: creativity, team work, leadership.

  • Provide basic guidelines for those considering to develop commercial products and services. 

  • Inspire students through success stories and business cases. Understand the tech transfer ecosystem. 

  • Introduce key programs and services to start a new business in Barcelona area.

More information:

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