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Barcelona Centre de Disseny

The MID Talent is an initiative framed in MID Design Ideas Market. This is a program of pre-acceleration of creative entrepreneurship aimed at young designers residents at Catalonia, under 30 and unemployed that want to improve their professional profile and need access to specific training about innovation, design thinking methodologies, generation of ideas, prototyping, communication, etc.

The program will be in Catalan or Spanish and includes a one week experience learning about the mentioned specific training and professional orientation sessions from experts in the field of design, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The program of this year will have two editions with two groups of 20/30 participants:

  • 10th Edition: from June 2 to 8
  • 11th Edition: from June 16 to 21

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Design and health: The healthcare sector needs designers to contribute groundbreaking ideas

Exoskeletons to walk again, 3D-printed prostheses, stress-busting wearables...the latest medical innovations need design to reach patients.

The healthcare sector is a great professional opportunity for designers. If you are a designer, you can now sign up to the upcoming edition of Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona), a postgraduate program to develop innovators and entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. The 90% of the previous editions participants have found a job in the healthcare sector and 48% of them started their own business project.

More information in the Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) website.


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