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During the week of September 26-30, Biocat and IESE are leading one of the mentoring sessions at the Patient Innovation Bootcamp (in Barcelona). This acceleration program aims to help patients and relatives of patients undertake and develop innovative solutions that improve their quality of life. Throughout the 8-month program, teams will validate their product, market, and business model. And as part of the program, there will be two weeks of face-to-face stays, one in Lisbon and a third in Copenhagen, interspersed with this week of online sessions in Barcelona, ​​and finally Graduation Day.

During the second week, Biocat and IESE will offer teams multiple classes and workshops that will allow them to learn about the Catalan health system, the reimbursement model, teamwork, how to raise capital and learn the basics of finance, accounting and valuation. the company, among others.


If you want to participate in the Patient Innovation Bootcamp you have until May 31 to sign up for the program and make your idea a real solution. 

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