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Biocat organizes the Pitch Training Program, a specific program to help entrepreneurs define and improve their pitch and their performance in front of potential customers and investors. Each project or startup will receive personalized coaching from Luis Ruiz-Avila and Diana Sansó, two experts in the sector with consolidated experience and track record.

The Pitch Training Program is geared towards projects and start-ups needing to improve the pitch they give to investors, corporate venture capitalists and scouts from the healthcare and life sciences sector. Participants will have 2 online training sessions for each project/startup, of 2h and 1h each one, in two different weeks, and lately one joint virtual session where students will put into practice their pitch in front of a panel of 3 experts.

The program costs 200€ per project/ startup, including the 2 face-to-face sessions and the virtual practical session. Places are limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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> Pitch Training Program

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