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Biocat, CataloniaBio & HealthTech and EY

On July 2, Biocat, CataloniaBio & HealthTech and EY will present the "Study on investment in the life sciences and healthcare industry in Catalonia 2020" digitally.



10.00 h Welcome

10.05 h The investment in life sciences in Catalonia: data, analysis and challenges

Judit Anido, President of CataloniaBioHT and General Director of Mosaic Biomedicals

Jordi Naval, General Director of Biocat

10.20 h International overview of the life sciences industry

Silvia Ondategui, Life Sciences Global Partner at EY

10.30 h Trends boosted by Covid-19: investors' opinions

Montserrat Vendrell, Partner at  Alta Life Science and Board Member at CataloniaBioHT

Clara Campàs, Partner at Asabys Partners

Lluís Pareras, Director Partner at Invivo Capital

Guillem Laporta, Principal at Ysios Capital

10.40 h Trends boosted by Covid-19: expert's opinions

Marc Martinell, Cofounder and CEO Minoryx Therapeutics

Cristian Pascual, Cofounder and CEO Mediktor

Carolina Aguilar, Cofounder, CEO and Board Director at INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

10.45 h Projection of KOL and investors' vision of the life sciences ecosystem in Catalonia by Jordi Naval

10.50 h Questions

11.15 h Closing

The event will be moderated by Melqui Calzado, Secretary-General at CataloniaBio & HealthTech

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event will be streamed from the Sala Gaudí d'EY, in Barcelona. Please click on this link to access the event:

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