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Are you a company with innovation needs when developing new products or services? Or are you part of a research group or technology center and want to show your technology or patent to companies in the BioRegion? Sign up for the Technology Showcase, the new open innovation program that offers the opportunity for research centers to show companies their technologies, and thus be able to establish licensing or sales agreements for the resulting patents.

Areas of expertise: Health and Life Sciences, Food, Chemicals, Energy and Resources, Industrial Systems and Mobility.

How does it work?

To participate, companies and research centers only need to register on the online platform, publish their technologies or consult the technologies/patents and request meetings with the research centers before November 21. On December 2nd the annual meeting between companies and researchers will be organized in digital format, a day that aims to generate matchmaking, establishing licensing agreements or patent sales, between the technologies developed at the research centers.

The meeting represents a great opportunity for both sides. For the companies, since they can save their time, identifying the new products or services developed and find the right partner. And for the research centers, because it gives value to the knowledge and technologies generated in the sector.

More information:

> Registration is open until November 26, sign up!

> How it works

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