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The dream of moving into the main market for personalized medicine tests, the United States, will come true for Catalan biotechnology firm AB-Biotics before the year is out. The company announced the news in a press release, explaining that its pharmacogenetic test, Neurofarmagen, will hit the American market thanks to an agreement signed with CompanionDX, a leader in integrated genomic diagnostics based in Houston.

The company’s co-founders, Miguel Ángel Bonachera and Sergi Audivert, believe this agreement sets high expectations and is a milestone for the growth of AB-Biotics, as it will bring the company at least €94,600 per month for the first year the product is on the market.

Their belief in the product is backed up by a study from American consultancy firm Deloitte, which shows the global market for personalized medicine could be worth approximately $19 billions by 2018 due to strong growth.

AB-Biotics already markets this test on 15 important markets around the world, including Italy (since 2014), Argentina (2014) and Israel (January 2015). After signing an agreement with Riken Genesis, the next launch will be in Japan in early 2016.

Neurofarmagen is a test that helps identify how patients will react to drug treatments for neurology and psychiatry. It is a personalized medicine product that uses a DNA sample to choose the safest, most effective drugs to treat patients with mental illness, depression, schizophrenia or attention deficit disorder.


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