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You can apply for health research grants for 2018-2020 up until 30 September 2017, as part of the second call of the Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation in Health (PERIS). The call has a budget of 9.53 million euros.

In August, the Department of Health published the final resolution establishing the rules of the call, which includes three types of grants awarded on a competitive basis: grants for incorporating scientists and technologists into research groups; grants for the intensification of the research activity of professionals in nursing, physiotherapy and specialist faculties, relieving them from their care tasks by hiring substitute staff; and grants for guided research projects.


The grants are open to foundations that organize research activities for the Integrated Public Healthcare System of Catalonia (SISCAT) or in relation to public healthcare, including accredited health research institutes (IRS), which carry out research activity in Catalonia.


The call prioritizes the research areas specified by PERIS 2016-2020: health promotion and disease prevention; public health research and, especially, cohort studies, research in environmental health and food safety; chronic and prevalent health problems; health services research; promotion of new technologies; cost-effectiveness studies; development of new  care models; promotion of health education; clinical and translational research, including research in primary healthcare and nursing; omics technologies; big data technologies); emerging technologies; research in physiopathological processes; robotic sciences, nanotechnology and regenerative medicine; application of physical sciences to health problems; application of information and communications technology to health problems; minority illnesses and women-related diseases.


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