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By Biocat

This week Barcelona is hosting two large international events that focus on reflection and decision-making to face important challenges for the future like managing hospital innovation at a time in which public resources are scarce.

The first of these events is the Health Management & Clinical Innovation Forum (MIHealth), organized by Fira Barcelona with support from over 20 institutions, including Biocat, where healthcare professionals and directors and managers from the healthcare arena will share experiences and expertise regarding both clinical innovation and its impact on healthcare management. Some of the most noteworthy speakers include Ron Kikinis, founder of the Harvard Surgical Planning Laboratory (Boston, USA); Sir Andrew Dillon, chief executive of the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the United Kingdom; Hung Chi-Tim, chief executive of the Central Kowloon hospital cluster (Hong Kong), and Mercè Balcells, researcher in the joint Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. The second is the European Health Leadership Summit, which will bring together political and industrial leaders from around Europe to debate the changes and opportunities for the successful development of the so-called Connected and MHealth economy.

At the same time, the city will also host the Healthcare Barcelona Investment Forum, co-organized by the Barcelona Medical Association (COMB), IESE, Barcelona Activa, Biocat and Fira de Barcelona, which offers companies and entrepreneurs with biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare services and health-related information technology projects with a high potential for growth the opportunity to present their ideas to investors from the sector and the IESE Network of Private Investors and Family Offices.

Additionally, the Council of European Bioregions (CEBR) will also meet in Barcelona for the SIG Meeting: Shared Facilities: Raising the visibility of your facility in Europe, to improve promotion of science and technology platforms and facilities around Europe, which is essential to research and innovation reaching the health sector.

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