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Strategic communication for biotechnological sector professionals is the core issue of the new edition of the program Biocàpsules organized by Biocat for next Thursday 14th October, from 9h to 18 h at Museu Colet of Barcelona first session last month of Mar had big participation success.

This Biocàpsula wants to promote communication among sector professionals as an essential element of the entrepreneurial strategy and as a key tool to bring value to companies in aspects as relevant as reputation, image and organizations credibility.

The course will be given by Eloisa Alonso, managing director of Hill&Knowlton Spain and communication consultant in the area of health sciences, and by Ramon Vilamitjana, managing director of Hill&Knowlton Barcelona. The session is structured in seven modules:

  • Communication as a key element in entrepreneurial strategy
  • Communication functions in the creation of value
  • How to communicate
  • Communication in the area of biotechnology and biomedicine
  • Strategic elements of communication
  • Presentation of success stories
  • Practical case

With a methodology eminently practical, assistants will be able to hear about success stories and learn how to communicate. Thus, Helena Perelló, Marketing Manager at Laboratorios Dr. Echevarne, who participated in the first session of strategic Communication in May, has highlighted that this Biocàpsula has allowed her “to learn about different realities and specific sector organizations’ experiences". Also, R+D manager at Avinent, Carme Vendrell, pointed out that a good entrepreneurial strategy includes "good management as well as good communication.  And that planned communication, as a corporative strategy, brings the company an added value. Apart from this, Biocàpsules have a very wise format, concise and dynamic, with a good balance between theory and practice".

This session is the last of this year’s Biocàpsules program, which has included 5 strategic areas: Negotiation for biotech managers, Business development, Strategic communication, Project management and Strategic management of intellectual property. Biocàpsules main objective is that each professional can receive the necessary training to improve their company’s competitiveness.

Date: 14th October 2010
Time: from 9 am to 18 pm
Place: Museu Colet • C/ Buenos Aires, 56 • Barcelona

For further information: Biocat • Biocàpsules Technical secretary's office • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30 •



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