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The biopharmaceutical company Bionaturis entered today in the Alternative Stock Market (MAB), specifically in the growth segment. It becomes the eighteenth company to be listed on MAB and the fifth within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology  companies. The other four companies are AB-Biotics, Euroespes, Medcom Tech and Neuron Biopharma.

Bionaturis was founded in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), in 2005, and specializes in the prevention and treatment of niche diseases, among which are diseases regarded as rare. Bionaturis, after being listed on the stock exchange and its international growth,  aims to rank among the top manufacturers of biopharmaceutical products for veterinary and human use and conduct R&D&i. Recently, Bionaturis has licensed a protein to protect cattle from parasites.

Bionaturis lists by the price fixing system, where the price is set twice a day, at 12 am and 16 pm.

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