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Advancell, which focuses on developing drugs to meet uncovered needs in the areas of oncology, dermatology and the central nervous system, has named Raúl Díaz-Varela as the company’s new president. Díaz-Varela is CEO of Kern Pharma and has been on the Advancell Administrative Board since 2008, so he will bring ample experience in the pharmaceutical sector, which is key as the company currently has a variety of projects in the licensing phase.

The new president of Advancell holds a BS in Business, MBA from Esade and a MS in Foreign Trade from the Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) in St. Gallen (Switzerland). Throughout his career he has worked in the family business in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, holding positions of responsibility at Industrial Kern Española Indukern in Asia, Indukern Chemie AG in Switzerland, Indukern Hong Kong and, since 1999, assistant general manager and general manager for Kern Pharma España. Díaz-Verela is, furthermore, president of AESEG, the representative body of the generic medicines industry in Spain.

Advancell has finished Phase IIa for Acadra to treat chronic lymphatic leukemia, and Phase IIb for Cyclostopic-Vet, to treat canine atopy, giving them two projects currently in the licensing phase. Furthermore, the company has recently announced their project ATH008 to treat palmoplantar syndrome  has moved into Phase IIb.

Díaz-Varela on his appointment: “Despite the delicate economic and financial situation we are currently in, I am facing this new challenge with high hopes because Advancell is a consolidated company with solid projects in the clinical phases. I hope to be able to continue moving this company forward, which in ten years has consolidated its position as one of the most important in the sector.”

Advancell is located in the Barcelona Science Park and has a nanomedicine research center at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Shareholders include the founders and scientists, the Once Business Corporation (CEOSA), Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, Terranea Diet, Unirisco / I+D Unifondo, Inversiones Divabe, the University of Santiago de Compostela and Son Romani.

This June, Advancell will participate in the top worldwide fair for the biotechnology sector, BIO Washington, with the Catalan delegation of 42 companies coordinated by Biocat:

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