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By Biocat

The European project bioXclusters (BIO crossing borders of 4 European Clusters for a joint internationalization strategy), in which Biocat participates, has been selected in the European Commission Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry call for proposals Promoting world-class clusters.

bioXclusters will be carried out from January 2012 through January 2014. The project aims to encourage and promote long-term international competitiveness of SMEs, cooperating and sharing resources among the four participating life sciences clusters. The other partners working with Biocat, which represents the biocluster of Catalonia, are Entreprise Rhône-Alps International (ERAI), which is leading the project; LyonBiopole, for the Rhône-Alps region; BioM for the Bavaria region (Germany), and BioPmed for Piedmont (Italy). Together, the participants aim to reach the necessary critical mass to promote internationalization activities and better support SMEs. This internationalization strategy will focus on three countries of interest, for the market opportunities they offer: China, Brazil and United States.

The results of the European Commission call for proposals, which received proposals from around Europe, were published in late December. One of the most significant aspects in choosing projects and the organizations that drive them were the “level of maturity of their international activities geared towards SMEs,” explained Carlos Lurigados, project director in the Biocat Innovation Department.  Internationalization is one of Biocat’s five strategic focal points, carried out through initiatives including participation in strategic projects like Interbio (technology transfer), Bio-CT (valorization of research projects and support for biotechnology start-ups) and more recently, work to head up a future knowledge and innovation community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

The bioXclusters project is structured around for work packs:

  • WP1: internationalization strategy
  • WP2: testing pilot actions in three strategic markets (China, Brazil and USA) 
  • WP3: communication and marketing plan for the project and related activities 
  • WP4: project management

The first KIC off with representatives from the four clusters will be held in early March in Lyon. Additionally, at the latest meeting of the Council of European Bioregions (CEBR) held 16 and 17 January in Munich, the project was presented before representatives from some of the main European bioregions, including Biocat representing Catalonia.

During the project, Biocat will publish information on the activities carried out with companies and other stakeholders from the sector.

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