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Previous to the BIO convention meeting, which has been opened today Monday 7th May in Boston, Biocat organised yesterday a reception for the Catalan pavilion participants and for Catalan scientists living in the city. Also, there were Spanish pavilion representatives, headed by ICEX (Foreign Commercial Service) and Genoma España Foundation. Manel Balcells, Biocat Executive Commission President, expressed his satisfaction for this success in Catalan Biotech field. 

On the other hand, Manel Balcells was honorific guest of Ontario's Premier, Dalton McGuinty, also Research and Innovation Minister, at an event organised by this Canadian region in their pavilion. Manel Balcells shared this honour with India and Japan, as all three countries already have agreements signed with Ontario. In the case of Catalonia, though, it is a memorandum of intentions, promoted by the Catalan Minister of Innovation, University and Company.

For the first time, Catalonia has participated in this far-reaching event with its own pavilion. It will consolidate its presence though next year at BIO 2008 in San Diego where it will double this year's pavilion space.

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