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Iomed, a Catalan digital health company based at the Mediterranean Technology Park in Castelldefels, has won Startup Week 2016. This contest is part of the Sanofi Health-U training and guidance program. As a reward, the company will have its own stand at 4YFN, the technology start-up space at Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

This second edition of Health-U focused on finding innovative solutions to atopic dermatitis. On 25 November, Sanofi announced the winner from the five finalists selected previously, which had the chance to spend a week going to conferences on healthcare and entrepreneurship, as well as networking events.

The winning company, chosen by a panel of experts including representatives from Sanofi, 4YFN, Wayra, Health Mavwericks, Hospital Sant Pau, Imagine, Banc Sabadell BStartUp, Esadecreapolis and La Vanguardia, is developing software to make managing medical data easier.

The software Iomed proposes, as seen in this video, will make it easier and faster to add information to a patient’s chart, suggesting keywords based on the pathology. It will also give users a new way to view the data as a timeline with the most important clinical milestones, plus pictures of the patient. The tool could be used on dermatoscopes and smartphones.

According to cofounder of the startup Álvaro Abella, physicians are currently working with a data-management system that could cause them to overlook details or be more focused on organizing the information than on the patient.

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