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ERA Biotech, the biotech company which develops innovative technologies for the production of new enzymes and recombinant vaccines, has obtained its seventh patent Split Inteins and Uses Thereof. Its inventors have worked in both the production and characterization of new inteins, "that add commercial value to the already existing in the market", as the company has stated.

The project has been conducted by the company’s research department at the Scientific Park of Barcelona (PCB). The implementation has taken place during the past year and a half, and this result is intended to reach the community of scientist’s specialist on this field and attract biotech companies that might be interested in this new product and its broad number of applications.

The inteins can be used in the selective proteolysis of recombinant proteins, purification processes, peptides cyclization or proteins marking, to name a few. In the field of genetic engineering, we can also highlight its application in the modification of recombinant proteins with therapeutic potential, which adds value to this new Catalan biotechnology product.

ERA Biotech was established in 2002 as a spin-off of the Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona- CSIC. It currently has a team of twenty highly qualified, experienced scientists and managers internationally.

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