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Late last year, Galgo Medical closed a €1-million round of funding with Inveready. With this injection of capital, they hope to validate their software at several hospitals and start marketing it.

A few months later, the company has now launched ADAS-VT, groundbreaking software to help treat heart-attack patients that allows specialists to quickly understand the patient's scarring and improve the catheter ablation process, which treats cardiac arrhythmias.

The product makes the operation easier by obtaining 3-D images of the heart through MRI technology, so doctors can better plan the surgical procedure, making it faster, more efficient, more direct and cheaper than the current procedure, which isn’t as safe for the patient or the specialist.

This new technology has been evaluated at Barcelona's Hospital Clinic (where the company was created three years ago as a spin-off along with Pompeu Fabra University) and at cutting-edge hospitals thanks to the agreements Galgo Medical has signed in the United States (John Hopkins in Baltimore and the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia), Brazil (Instituto do Coraçao in Sao Paulo) and Germany (Leipzig Herzzentrum).

According to the company's CEO Antoni Riu, this software has already been successfully used with 350 patients, and there are a dozen hospitals around the world interested in acquiring it. “Preliminary results show that patients treated with our method heal better. Plus, this tool helps doctors gain confidence," he concludes.

Galgo Medical is also in talks with large international manufacturers of medical devices to market the software. These include Medtronic and Boston Scientific, which are interested in project because they sell ablation catheters.


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