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The Ministry of Health has published the resolution on the aid it will grant as part of the first call for proposals in the Strategic Plan on Health Research and Innovation (PERIS) 2016-2020 for a tentative amount of more than 18 million euros which will be earmarked to 177 proposals chosen.

Of the 177 proposals financed, there are 61 projects from 17 research entities to hire more nursing professionals in order to allow them to focus on research in hospitals and primary care centers; 79 projects to hire scientists and technology experts in different research groups in 18 Catalan health research institutes; 24 proposals to stimulate the development of multi-centric research projects in the field of primary care; and 13 major research programs: 3 on personalized medicine1 on regenerative medicine4 on independent clinical research and 5 on epidemiological studies of cohorts.

The projects were endorsed by around 40 independent experts under the coordination of the Healthcare Quality and Evaluation Agency of Catalonia (AQUAS), and their goal is to situate Catalonia in an avant-garde position with health as the backbone of social development. The program aims to foster both citizens’ wellbeing and the preventative, diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative and palliative aspects of illness through proposals that reinforce the international competitiveness of the health research and innovation structures in Catalonia.

See the resolution of the aid and the beneficiary entities


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