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The second edition of the Biotechnology and Enterprise Congress (ByE2), which is organized by the Catalan Association of Biotechnologists (ASBTEC), will take place on 21 and 22 October at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) auditorium. One of the main aims of this congress is to bring together the academic and business worlds to benefit the professional future of young researchers and foster innovation culture in this sector. It is therefore aimed at junior and senior researchers in academia that want to transfer their research and results, professionals from private enterprise that are interested in finding cutting-edge results that can be exploited and/or attracting talent, and new graduates with a business idea (who can gain access to the foundation and contacts necessary to carry out their project).

The inaugural event, at 9:30 am on 21 October, will be led by Fernando Albericio, director of the PCB; Alba Olivares, president of ASBTEC; Manel Balcells, president of the Biocat Executive Committee; and Antoni Parente, president of CataloniaBIO.

Afterwards, CEO of Genoma España, Rafael Camacho, will give the keynote speech entitled The importance of driving innovation in the biotechnology sector. Biotechnology, together with information technology and nanotechnology, us a sector that many analysts consider the main driving force behind technological change, with a profound effect on economic and social development. Moreover, it can help us deal with the important challenges facing society over the coming decades: food safety, power supply, climate change, healthcare, etc. However this is still an emerging sector in many countries and needs support to reach its full potential. The particularities of the biotechnology industry allow us to approach this from a number of angles, all of which can be improved: knowledge generation and transfer, funding, market regulation, public/private partnerships and internationalization. This talk will deal with some of these issues, analyzing international initiatives as well as stakeholders and support measures that are being implemented in Spain.

The round tables that will be held during the congress are organized by five themes. Biocat head of Information Management, Mònica Montero, will participate in the round table entitled Implementing ICT to optimize R&D&entrepreneurship at 5:15 pm on 21 October, explaining the new opportunities and challenges posed by online information management for biotechnologists. According to Mònica Montero "biotechnology and the new challenges in frontier science research are bringing about a transformation in scientific activity, with access to information and communication among members of highly specialized scientific communities emerging as top priorities.”

  • Innovation generating agents and weakness in their interactions:
    Marta Fuster, head of the iPhD Workgroup – Young European Biotech Network
    Susanna Castel, chairman of the board of administration – Advancell
    Pere Clapés, co-founder – Bioglane and Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia-CSIC
    Juan Jesús Pérez – Molecular Engineering Laboratory (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
    Joan Cadefau, director of Research Careers– Talència
  • Transversal skills professional mobility:
    Xavier Riera, director – Scientific Search International
    Mercè Gómez – Nau Desenvolupament Professional
    Anna Riera – FEBiotec Communication Commission and Job Office
    Montse Sanz – Porta 22
    Eloisa Alonso, CEO – Hill & Knowtlon España
  • Implementing ICT to optimize R&D&entrepreneurship:
    Mónica Montero, head of Information Management – Biocat
    David Ràfols, founder and director – Innoget
    Oriol Mazariegos, head of the Data Protection Department – esCERT-UPC
    Luis Ángel Fernández, director of the Innovation Social Networks Laboratory – Citilab
  • Technology transfer and bioentrepreneurship:
    Belén Gilarranz, head of the Promotion Department – Genoma España
    Josep Lluís Falcó, consultant for the Business Start-up Department – Bosch i Gimpera Foundation
    Jeannine Horowitz, professor of Bioentrepreneurship – Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)
    Margarita Calafell, Department of Chemical Engineering – ETSEIAT, UPC
    Carlos Buesa, CEO – Oryzon
    Pedro Berbil, director of Operations – PharmaMar
  • Biotechnology business development:
    Martín Rivas, director of Operations – Uninvest
    Bernabé Zea, industrial property agent and director – ZBM Patents
    Clara Campàs, executive vice-president – Advancell Therapeutics
    Miquel Àngel Bonachera, CEO-CFO – AB Biotics 
    Sergi Audivert, CEO-COO – AB Biotics
  • Biotechnology and other sectors:
    Maribel Berges, Managing Partner & CFO – Janus Developments
    Nora Ventosa, co-director – Nanomol
    Arantxa Sanz, head of Institutional Projects – IBEC


Date: 21 and 22 October 2010
Place: PCB • C/ Baldiri Reixac, 4-6 • Barcelona (Spain)


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