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Invest in Spain —a public corporation that is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness— has created a virtual Investor Network to put the national and international private equity and venture capital sector in contact with investment projects with a high potential for growth that require capital over €2.5 millions.

The investment projects must be promoted by companies (from Spain or abroad) with an investment plan for their implementation, growth or expansion needs, may belong to any sector of activity in Spain and must meet the following requirements:

  • 2011 turnover: more than €5 millions.
  • Pre-money value of the company: more than €10 millions. 
  • History of activity: at least two fiscal years. 
  • Positive EBITDA for 2011.

Invest in Spain will assess the projects taking into account their feasibility, the potential for growth of the business model and the executive team. If the analysis is positive, the Investor Network will disclose the project’s capital needs to investors whose investment strategies and criteria match those specified by the projects and, should both parties be interested, will put them in touch so that the respective due diligence and negotiation processes can begin.

The community to which the projects will be presented is made up of national and foreign private equity and venture capital firms, private investors, corporate banking and large companies willing to invest in companies in Spain.

  • Companies interested in presenting a project in need of funding must submit this application form.
  • Investors interesting in joining this initiative must submit this application form.

Dossier presenting the Investor Network (in Spanish)

For more information or to answer any questions:
Invest in Spain
Maria Garatachea (Head of Services for the Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector)
Tel. +34 91 503 58 38

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