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The Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) has published the new call for INNCORPORA grants to hire doctors, university and higher vocational training graduates for full-time positions to join industrial research and technological development projects or technical feasibility studies.

The budget for the period 2011-2014 is €342 million. This program is one of the Spanish Government actions to promote talent and innovative capacity in the productive sector with the objective of making Spain reach the 9th position in innovation ranking by 2015.

INNCORPORA program is structured in six lines of work; deadlines are different for each line:

  • Torres Quevedo (doctor recruitment). Call: 16/05/2011-16/06/2011
  • University graduates (university graduate recruitment). Call: 16/05/2011-22/06/2011
  • Higher Vocational Training (higher vocational training graduate recruitment). Call: 16/05/2011-31/10/2011
  • Business Schools (university and higher vocational training graduate recruitment for beneficiaries with own school). Call: 19/05/2011-20/06/2011
  • Training Centres (university and higher vocational graduate recruitment by beneficiaries via their training centres as applicants). Call: 14/06/2011-14/07/2011
  • International intelligence (university and higher vocational training graduate recruitment by beneficiaries established in Spain and with subsidiaries abroad). Call: 16/05/2011-22/06/2011

The present call for submissions is addressed to public and private companies, spin-offs, technological centres, technological innovation support centres, business associations, and scientific and technological parks.

This funding pays for the following costs: the gross retribution plus employer's contribution (to social security), consultancy expenses and indirect costs or equivalent services related to initial training for the project.

The subsidies and loans are zero-interest rate with a maximum payback period of 9 years (up to 3 of grace period), with a maximum possible amount of 100% of the financeable cost of performance.

The application will be one for contract for all the lines, except for INNCORPORA-Business Schools line, for which it is possible to submit an application for project.

Further information:

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