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By Biocat

A new call for the University of Barcelona (UB) Board of Trustees and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation) Awards is now open. There are two modes: Antonio Caparrós Award for the best of technology and knowledge transfer, and Senén Vilaró Award to the best innovative company developed by a UB graduate or related to a UB group. The deadline for applications is next 31st of May 2012. The awards ceremony will take place in a public event at the end of the year.

Dr Antonio Caparrós was the UB Rector from 1994 to 2001. Under his term of office, FBG gave new boost to technology transfer from the UB, and opened the Office of Research Results Transfer (OTR). He promoted the creation of the PCB, center of the new UB innovation system. In addition, Dr Senén Vilaró, UB professor of cell biology, founded the biotech company Advancell, a UB spin-off and that since 2001 has consolidated by applying knowledge and biomedical technology from the academic world to obtain new drugs and improve the quality of life.

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