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By Biocat

The Barcelona City Council has opened its 2012 call for proposals for grants to carry out activities and services in different sectors (culture, health, quality of life, environment, etc.) in the city. New this year, the cultural sector includes a specific area for projects to raise awareness of scientific, technological and digital culture. The deadline to present proposals is 1 March 2012.

These grants are geared towards individuals and legal entities that carry out activities in Barcelona or other places, which are considered to be of interest for the international projection of the city and complement and/or supplement municipal competences.

The grants will cover a maximum of 50% of the total budget for the project.

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Under the new municipal government, the Culture Institute has incorporated a new directorate of Creativity and Innovation, headed by Inés Garriga, to which the Barcelona Science program belongs. Some of the areas that Garriga is in charge of include research, the scientific culture agenda and creative clusters.

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