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The pandemic has shown that online pitches are here to stay. That’s why, in order to adapt to the sector’s new needs, the second Pitch Training Program will use a hybrid approach, with participants learning to defend their projects or startups online and in person. 

Investors often see and hear dozens of ideas and pitches each month. Beyond the potential and quality of the research, what makes one stand out above the rest? How should you adapt an idea and turn it into a story that hooks them? This is why Biocat is once again launching the Pitch Training Program, a program specifically for projects and startups that need to improve the pitch they give investors, corporate venture capitalists and scouts from the life sciences and healthcare sector.

Participants in the Pitch Training Program will have two individual 90-minute training sessions in person, getting feedback on their business idea, key messages, storytelling and slides, as well as their performance in front of an audience. The training will take place over three months, through November, and be led by Luis Ruiz-Avila and Diana Sansó, renowned experts in the sector who will help improve both the format and content of the messages. 

To finish off the program, new this year, students will get the chance to practice what they’ve learned by pitching to a panel of three experts, including investors. This event will take place on December 14 and be held online, so participants will have to adapt their presentation to this virtual format. 

The success of the first edition, with 14 projects and startups, confirmed the need to continue offering programs like this. In fact, participants highlighted the mentors’ quality and experience, and the fact that they could have two-way feedback sessions. 

The program costs €200 per project or startup for the three sessions, held on different weeks, from September to December 2021. Spots are limited to 9 projects and will be assigned in the order applications are received. If you’re interested, sign up here.

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