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The Spanish Ministress of Health, Social Politics and Equality, Leire Pajín, has announced this week during the Congress plenum that before she finishes the year a royal decree will have been processed allowing the creation of four new medical specialities: genetics, infectious illnesses, child and adolescent psychiatry, and urgencies and emergencies.
This decision gives answer to the interest of many professionals and patients’ collectives which will benefit from these specialities like, for example, people with HIV and Aids (in the case of infectious illnesses) and patients with rare illnesses (in the case of the speciality of genetics).

The Catalan Biologist Association has said that this is the beginning of the regularization of one of the most important claims that both biologists and the Catalan Association have been claiming for the equality and recognition of many professionals in the sanitary sector which are already developing their activity in this area.

Once this Royal Decree is approved, this recognition will be processed through the Catalan Biologist Association, in its field, and in the case of biology graduates which work in genetics and human reproduction.

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