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By Biocat

The seventh Healthcare Barcelona Investment Forum was held today under the framework of MIHealth, an international congress on clinical innovation and its impact on healthcare management. The Forum —driven by the Barcelona Medical Association (COMB), IESE, Barcelona Activa, Biocat and Fira de Barcelona— aims to improve access to private funding for companies with projects in biotechnology, healthcare services and health-related technology that need an injection of capital of up to €2 millions.

Some forty applications were received from around Spain, from which a panel of judges selected the 10 companies with the highest potential for growth and that best fit the needs of the investors in this edition. Each company had twenty minutes to present their business project to the investors:

  • Dr. Healthcare: focuses on research, development and innovation in solutions to treat chronic pathologies.
  • Neuroelectrics: aims to reduce rehabilitation time by employing neuromodulation treatments. 
  • Wirs Group: specializes in physical rehabilitation for patients using videogames and motion sensors. 
  • Medical Corporate 3000: is developing a medical device to prevent cervical cancer with better diagnostic reliability and savings in healthcare costs. 
  • Saludnova: provides solutions for people who require monitoring of their biometric variables and/or the real-time detection of alarm situations. 
  • Bioglane: creates new bioactive substances and manufactures them on an industrial level. 
  • LifeScience Entrepreneurs: is developing a cardiovascular drug that has already been transferred to a pharmaceutical company. 
  • Omnia Molecular: specializes in the design and development of anti-infectives targeted at difficult-to-treat infections.
  • Ambiox Biotech: works to curb the impact of AIDS with a microbicide that has the potential to prevent HIV infection during intercourse.
  • Bionure Farma: focuses on the development of drugs and diagnostic tools for neurodegenerative diseases.

Information on the previous edition:



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