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Núria Martí Ras has an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Sciences (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1993), PhD in Veterinary Sciences (UAB, 1999), master’s in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare (UAB, 2009) and a master’s in R&D Management in Health from the Carlos III Health Institute (University of Alcalá de Henares, 2016). She did her thesis at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, in the Molecular Bacteriology Unit. After a postdoc at Institut Pasteur in Brussels (Institut Scientifique Santé Publique Louis-Pasteur), she continued her career at Ferrer International, working in the company’s R&D center for 11 years managing drug development projects for infectious diseases and the central nervous system. She also led the Innovation and Technology Transfer Office at the Institute for Health Science Research Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP) for four years.

She has held the position of Biocat Director of Innovation and Business Development since May 2018, where she spearheads the strategic focal points of entrepreneurship and business growth, talent development and fundraising and partnership. She has authored papers published in international journals.

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