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A total of 38 companies, 19 organizations and 100 delegates will make up the delegation from the BioRegion of Catalonia at the twentieth edition of the BIO International Convention, which will be held in Boston from 18 to 21 June 2012 under the slogan Connect, partner and innovate. Biocat, which for the sixth consecutive year is coordinating the participation of Catalan companies and research organizations at this biotechnology convention, will have its own section making up more than half of the Spanish pavilion. Companies with their own booth in the Spanish pavilion at BIO Boston are grouped by bioregion, which, as in 2011, include Catalonia (30 companies), Basque Country (with 7), and Andalusia (with 8), plus 7 companies that don’t belong to any established bioregion.

President of the Government of Catalonia Artur Mas will head up the Catalan business delegation, as he announced during his trip to Morocco at the beginning of the month. For Artur Mas, who also serves as President of the Biocat Board of Trustees, it is important to drive all actions geared towards attracting foreign investment in order to help companies overcome the difficult economic situation. Companies participating in the Catalan delegation are biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technology and sector-support firms. The aim is to foster business-development relationships with companies, suppliers and investors. The fact that this is done through the coordinated action of various driving institutions —ICEX, in collaboration with Genoma España and Asebio, as well as the bioregions of Catalonia, Andalusia and the Basque Country— makes participating highly attractive for both economical and organizational reasons.

The Bioregion of Catalonia, led by Barcelona, has become one of the largest biotechnology hubs in southern Europe and a benchmark cluster in biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology. This is seen in the fact that the Catalan delegation, at the moment, makes up 58% of the Spanish total, with 30 of the 52 booths in the national pavilion. This year, pavilion l —with nearly 500 square meters of floor space— will have a new design to boost visibility of companies with their own booth and is strategically located in the center of the exhibition hall, just in front of the host state, Massachusetts.

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