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Most important biotechnology fair in the world to be held 3 to 6 May. 

46 companies and organizations from the BioRegion will attend the world’s most important biotechnology fair in order to broaden their market and grow internationally. 

The delegation led by Biocat also aims to establish collaboration and licensing agreements as a result of their participation in BIO Chicago 2010.

From 3 to 6 May, Chicago will welcome the BIO convention, the most important biotechnology fair in the world. For the fourth consecutive year, Biocat is leading the Catalan delegation, made up of 46 companies and organizations from the region that aim to establish and consolidate their internationalization. According to Manel Balcells, president of the Biocat Executive Committee, “all the work we do with our international partners provides members of the BioRegion a framework that facilitates their main objective in Chicago: expanding their business beyond our borders”.

All the executives from participating companies agree that BIO is the ideal place to spread the word about their business among international stakeholders in the sector, potential partners for future development and distribution of new projects. “We’re going to BIO in Chicago to reinforce our international presence, gain visibility for our new affiliate in Atlanta and open up new market opportunities in the USA. Thus, we aim to strengthen our business positioning and establish commercial deals, as well as increasing our international visibility,” explained Lluís Martínez, Business Development Manager of Sepmag Technologies. Moreover, Martínez believes that “participating in BIO gives you access to people and markets that would not otherwise be available. Likewise, it allows us to find out what is happening in the global biotech world, see where it’s heading and innovate in this direction”.

One of the aspects the Catalan delegation values most highly is that BIO offers strategic networking opportunities to allow companies to internationalize. Ignasi Belda, CEO of Intelligent Pharma affirmed, “BIO is very important because you can meet with many companies from the sector all in one place, which would otherwise be very difficult. Everything is open to everyone.” Additionally, Juan José Duelo, general director of DR Healthcare, added that “BIO allows you to develop a large network of contacts. It is a clear focus to make contacts and spread the word among companies from around the world.” Lluís Ruiz, general director of Archivel Farma, said “BIO is a very large fair where everyone has a place. We want to put our breakthroughs on the market but, above all, our main innovation: RUTI, a tuberculosis vaccine. Our production plant has all the necessary certifications and we are ready to manufacture it for worldwide use, if necessary”.

Public institutions, also committed to internationalization

The Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN) and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) are two public entities that will join the Catalan delegation to BIO Chicago. Their representatives believe that attending this fair is key to making their philosophy as research centers a reality. “For us, BIO is a springboard that allows us to give back to the general public what they invest in funding. We participate so small and medium-sized companies from around the world can buy our projects and take them to market, transferring our knowledge and increasing social wellbeing,” explained Jorge Domínguez, head of Innovation and Projects at the IRB Barcelona. Additionally, Jordi Reverter, head of Technology Transfer at the ICN, said that “our main objective is to increase visibility, while presenting new technology to license to other companies with greater economic capacity and searching for collaborators to develop new projects.”

Innovative projects accompany Catalan delegation
The BioRegion will present a number of innovations in different fields of biotechnology and medical technology. Apart from the RUTI vaccine presented by Archivel Farma, another example is DR Healthcare, which aims to introduce biofunctionalism in the USA, virgin territory for this sector. Biofunctionalism is a therapeutic science that researches and develops non-pharmacological, alternative or co-adjuvant products in order to decrease the effects of many pathologies or correct physical disabilities without using chemical medicines. Additionally, Telstar Technologies will present their MiniBioReactor at BIO, which allows for multiple simultaneous trials on a cell sample at a faster-than-normal speed.

One of the most noteworthy innovations is that which will be presented by the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology: the application of gold microparticles in chemotherapy drugs, which makes this treatment more effective at lower doses and reduces side effects.

Biocat dynamizes the BioRegion’s presence at BIO

All stakeholders in the Catalan mission to BIO Chicago agree on the important role Biocat plays in making it possible. Juanjo Duelo, from DR Healthcare, explained that “Biocat is a very dynamic organization that, over all, gives us a strong introduction to the international market, introducing us as a small company that is part of a strong cluster like the BioRegion.” Moreover, Kenneth Weissmahr, CEO of Advancell, added that “Biocat’s presence gives the BioRegion consistency and shows a strong biotech fabric.” Likewise, the Catalan delegation to BIO appreciates the effort Biocat has made to offer grants and logistical aid, “without which it would be very difficult to attend,” explained Ignasi Belda.

Biocat is the organization that coordinates, dynamizes and promotes biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector in Catalonia. It is fostered by the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council and, since it was created in 2006, has included companies and organizations from this sector in its governing bodies.

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