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Personalized mentoring and one-to-one meetings with investors

There are several

The Investment Readiness Series

calls each year. In each call, the best research projects —from companies and research bodies— hold private meetings with corporate investors, business angels and venture capital companies scouting for excellent projects in the life sciences to take part in their development.

The calls can be local (for projects and investors in Catalonia) or international (for Catalan projects and international investors).

The process

  • Call focusing on a specific topic open to the whole scientific community in the BioRegion.
  • The projects with the most potential for large investment are sent to the investors.
  • The investors choose which ones they are interested in and these get to pitch at The Investment Readiness Series.
  • Biocat guides each project’s team individually before they meet with the investors.
  • The Investment Readiness Series event, which can take place over one or several days, includes: project pitches, private meetings in person, networking and future partnering opportunities.

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