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The Startup Support Program 2024, driven by Biocat and Alira Health, offers mentoring from an experienced team of consultants and designs a roadmap for market access, mainly in France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain, for companies focused on advanced therapies.

Program in detail

The program includes 40 hours of mentoring over 4 weeks for 3 companies in the BioRegion, plus a kick-off meeting, in-depth analysis, guidance session on reimbursement claims, reviewing claims and additional consultations. 

Plus, the selected startups can get: 

  • Review of internal information provided by the companies to gain an in-depth understanding of their product, goals and aspirations. 
  • Assessment of product maturity from a market access standpoint.
  • Identifying and prioritizing critical gaps. 
  • Creating a top-notch market access roadmap with key activities based on gap analysis. 
  • Guidance and support for taking the next steps.



The 2024 Startup Support Program uses the maturity assessment methodology and the gap prioritization methodology, based on the documents and information provided by the company to identify their weaknesses and current maturity There are five phases: 

  • Internal documents: presentation of company information and portfolio. 
  • Internal meetings: assessment of maturity and other internal communication. 
  • Maturity tool: commercial strategy, an overview of the disease the product targets, product value proposition and analysis of the competition.
  • Maturity scoring: assessment and knowledge of market access maturity, identifying shortfalls in the market access strategy and the next steps to take. 
  • Prioritizing weaknesses: identifying market access risks.


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