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At the crossroads of science and business

Revealing innovative talent

The Biocat development programs are at the crossroads of technology, health, biosciences and business management. They are meant both for young people in the early phases of their research careers and professionals who want to learn how to drive innovation in health.

d·HEALTH Barcelona Part Time is a eight month program that gives fellows the tools they need to develop business ideas based on unmet clinical needs, with a multidisciplinary approach. The program partners with top-notch hospitals and a team of international experts in clinical innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. The knowledge acquired is the perfect foundation for kick starting an entrepreneurial project, but is also key for leading internal innovation processes.

Vídeo Testimonials d·Health
Testimonials from the first edition of the d·Health Barcelona Part Time Programme

Each year, Biocat also holds several Short Programs, which give participants an overview of the life sciences and healthcare sector, or look at key aspects of areas like product development, market access or regulatory processes. 

Over time, the training programs Biocat offers evolve and adapt to the sector’s technological transformation. In addition to the training programs, Biocat also organizes or takes part in several business acceleration programs to develop negotiation and communication skills, among others.

Helping research organizations and companies in the BioRegion attract and retain talent from at home and abroad is also a priority for Biocat, which contributes with tools like the job board and works to drive the international positioning and promotion of the BioRegion.

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Training for innovation and entrepreneurship

Learn to identify patients’ unmet needs and come up with research based business solutions to address them.


d·HEALTH Barcelona Part Time

A program to learn how to innovate and develop a business model from unmet clinical needs.

Aimed at students, researchers and professionals who want to learn how to innovate in healthcare.


Short Program 2023: Market Access

Five-session program to learn the basic elements that must be taken into account to bring new health products and services to market.

Aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals who want to bring new health products or services to market.


Short Program 2023: Introduction to the Life Sciences Industry

Five sessions to learn how the pharma, biotech and medtech industries are organized and innovate.

For professionals, entrepreneurs and students looking for an overview of the sector.


Short Program 2023: Understanding Healthcare Systems

Discover the latest trends and challenges of healthcare systems in Spain, Europe and the United States.

For health professionals and entrepreneurs interested in understanding the context of their projects.


Short Program 2023: Product Development

Four sessions covering the basic aspects of coming up with and creating a new product.

For people looking to become entrepreneurs or who already have a project in the early stages.

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