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We provide benchmark data on the sector

The BioRegion Report, the international benchmark publication on the sector

The BioRegion of Catalonia is a highly diverse ecosystem of stakeholders working in the life sciences and healthcare sector in Catalonia: research groups and centers, university hospitals and research institutes,  universities, science and technology parks, large infrastructures, venture capital and investment funds, startups and spinoffs, scaleups, SMEs and big industry, and sector support stakeholders. Together they make up an ecosystem that is intensive in knowledge and technology, that generates frontier science and highly competitive technology on an international scale. Biocat tracks all this activity daily and publishes it through various communication channels to contribute to the knowledge and projection of the BioRegion in the world.

Biocat has consolidated its position as a benchmark source of data on the sector and, throughout the year, receives numerous requests for information and figures from the Administration, other organizations, companies and  the media. The data on the ecosystem collected every day since 2006 is used to draft the annual BioRegion of Catalonia Report, which Biocat has published since 2009

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How does the new BioRegion of Catalonia directory work?

Check out the Catalonia Health and Life Sciences Data Platform and find the startups, companies and institutions that make up one of the fastest growing ecosystems in Europe. 

Directory Video
Each entry in the directory includes a description of the company with different categories depending on the sector it belongs to (biotech, pharma, medtech, digital health, etc.), its subsector and information on its pipeline.
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