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From research to market and patients

A strong, well structured, market oriented transfer system

Technology transfer is one of the most critical areas of action for achieving a highly innovative, competitive and prepared Catalonia. That’s why Biocat analyzes the needs of the Catalan healthcare system and identifies priority areas of innovation to drive projects on an international scale. Additionally, we organize matchmaking activities to promote collaborative relationships among stakeholders in the health ecosystem (researchers, pharma and biotech companies, investors, etc.) and foster agreements between projects at research institutes and hospitals, and potential investors and licensees.

Biocat also works with the Administration and facilitating bodies to establish funding and coordination mechanisms to accelerate project valuation and bring about incentive policies for the research community, doctors, healthcare personnel and innovation managers.

Noteworthy activities

  • Periodic meetings with heads of transfer offices (TTO) at Catalonia’s research and knowledge organizations to share experiences and identify needs.
  • Matchmaking events for research groups and companies, like the Open Innovation Forum.
  • Platforms to help put together early stage projects and investors to drive entrepreneurship and scale up projects, like the Invest BioRegion Portal.
Check out the Invest BioRegion Portal
Fueling business development

Biocat fosters business opportunities between projects and startups in the BioRegion and corporates

Advanced therapies are drugs for human use based on cells, genes or tissues that regenerate tissue, treat inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and cancer, among other things. The great challenge is going from clinical trials to industry scale up with these therapies.

video Manel Balcells
Minister Manel Balcells announcing that Biocat will coordinate the Advanced Therapies Hub (November 2022).
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