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About the website

This section provides accessibility information for Biocat’s website as well as browsing tips, user assistance, and directions to Biocat’s microsites.



This is the official website of Biocat, the organization that coordinates and stimulates biotechnology, biomedicine, and medical technology in Catalonia, with support from the Catalan Government and Barcelona City Hall. The site features a range of Web 2.0 resources and services for Catalan and foreign research organizations and companies. It was designed to serve as a meeting point for members of the Catalan biocluster (known as the BioRegion of Catalonia) and to promote this cluster internationally. It is also an open channel for any members of the public that wish to learn about biotechnology.

The Biocat website was created with the open-source platform Drupal, a content management system (CMS) geared towards Internet communities.


2. Accessibility is characterized by its accessible design: in order to provide access to the greatest number of users, the site was designed without any visual or technological obstacles.

This was accomplished by following the WCAG 1.0 accessibility guidelines established by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) working group of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).


2.1 Browsing tips


2.1.1 Text size


The user can adjust the text size according to his/her needs. The steps to do this vary by browser.

Browser Menu instructions
Firefox View > Text Size > Increase/Decrease
Internet Explorer View > Text Size > Larger/Smaller
Internet Explorer Mobile View > Zoom > Adjust text size
Konqueror View > Make font bigger/Make font smaller
Opera View > Zoom > Adjust scale
Safari View > Make text bigger/Make text smaller


2.1.2 Visual design

Users that wish to access the website without seeing complex formatting can view the site contents as plain black text on a white background (the default setting on most browsers). This is done by disabling use of cascading style sheets (CSS) on the site. Alternatively, some browsers enable users to format a site’s contents according to a personalized CSS.

Disabling CSS:

How to turn off visual design mode:


Browser Menu instructions
Firefox View > Page Style > No Style
Konqueror Change configuration
Opera View > Style > User mode


Note: For user convenience, the information provided above corresponds to some of the most widely used Internet browsers; however, in no way does Biocat commercially advocate or promote the use of any particular browser.


2.2 Configuration


2.2.1 Websites

In addition to the aforementioned accessibility parameters, the Biocat website was also programmed according to the XHTML 1.0 standard for formatting design elements using cascading style sheets (CSS). This obviates the use of any proprietary standards unique to a particular device or browser, guaranteeing universal access to information from any browser that meets the W3C’s standards and recommendations.


2.2.2 Content format

In some cases, XHTML pages may be complemented with content delivered in other formats. In these cases, in which a single, open standard format may be unavailable (or such a format does exist, but is not universally supported), the Biocat website was designed to support the following highly popular formats through the use of appropriate free components (plugins).


    3. System requirements

    To guarantee optimal performance of its website, Biocat recommends the following combinations of operating system and browser, browser components, and settings:

    • Windows: Internet Explorer v. 7.0 (or higher) or Mozilla Firefox 2.0
    • Linux: Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (or higher)
    • MacOS: Safari (the default browser on Macs), Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or Mozilla Camino 1.6
    • Correct viewing of Flash content requires Adobe Flash Player
    • Correct viewing of PDF documents requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader

    Recommended screen resolution: at least 1024 x 768. To fully exploit the Biocat website’s graphic interface, JavaScript and CSS must both be activated; however, this is not required for simple browsing.


      4. Other Biocat websites

      B·Debate International Center for Scientific Debate Barcelona

      Biocapsules training program

      Biocat Forum


      5. User assistance

      If you encounter any difficulties accessing or viewing information on the Biocat website, or have any recommendations on how to improve accessibility on the site, please contact Biocat’s Communications and External Relations Department:


      6. Credits

      Publication: © Biocat – Communications and Marketing Department
      Graphic design: © Neus Cañas