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Devicare has been granted a Spanish patent for the electrochemical, potentiometric ion sensor, which uses semiconductors to measure pH in urine, used in its Lit-Control pH Meter®.

This sensor measures the concentration of ions in a solution using ISFET transistors (ion-sensitive field-effect transistor) and compares the results with those from a REFET transistor for benchmark solution stored in a microtank.

Lit-Control pH Meter® is a self-monitoring medical device that allows patients to easily, quickly and effectively measure urine pH to help treat a wide variety of common urological conditions, including urinary tract infections, overactive bladder, painful bladder syndrome, renal tubular acidosis, urinary catheter infection and calcification, and, especially, kidney stones. Thus, this device helps identify whether urine is prone to the formation of kidney stones by measuring pH.

Devicare recently began global expansion of the same patent in the United States, Europe, Canada, South Korea, China, India, Japan and Mexico. The company hopes to take the product global in the coming years, as well. 

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