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La Unió, International Hospital Federation

The World Hospital Congress, now in its 44th year, will be held in Barcelona from 8 to 11 November. The hybrid format event, with both face-to-face and digital elements, aims to promote excellence in healthcare and social management.

The meeting is entitled "People on board: Transforming Healthcare" and will discuss how transformations contribute to improving the responsiveness, flexibility and resilience of healthcare systems and hospitals. The organisation is calling for the discovery of projects or programmes that have demonstrated agile transformations ensuring adequate response in healthcare systems and hospitals. 

Montserrat Daban Marín, Scientific and International Relations Director of Biocat, will moderate the round table organized by Biocat: Hands-on acceleration and sustainability of healthcare innovation in COVID-19 times. Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, Marco Dechamps, Sofia Ferreira, Dr. Oriol Roca and Elia Torroella will be the speakers.

The aim of the round table will be to present and draw conclusions on how the Catalan system of research and innovation has tackled the COVID-19 health crisis.

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