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BioJapan returns to Yokohama from October 9th to 11th, 2024, the world's oldest biotechnology exposition, launched in 1986. This event has been a cornerstone of the biotechnology industry, providing an essential platform for innovation and collaboration in biotechnology, both domestically and internationally.

What is the objective of BioJapan? 

  • Promoto innovation 
  • Facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge and technologies
  • Foster partnerships among academic, governmental, and industrial entities worldwide.
  • Support the growth and industrialization of new biotechnological solutions.

The event includes an exhibition showcasing the latest innovations and products in biotechnology. Booths from companies, academic institutions, and governmental organizations will facilitate direct communication and networking among participants.

Additionally, approximately 200 seminars will be held featuring industry leaders and prominent researchers, addressing topics such as emerging technologies, latest trends, and current challenges in the sector.

The partnering program, equipped with an automated system for scheduling one-on-one meetings, will facilitate efficient and targeted business negotiations. This includes partner search, strengthening collaborations, and asset licensing agreements.

Expected innovations include advancements in gene therapies, personalized medicine, bioinformatics, and agricultural biotechnology, as well as the development and commercialization of new biotechnological technologies and products. Cross-border collaborations are also anticipated for the development of innovative biotechnological solutions.

BioJapan 2024 will offer dedicated spaces for networking, along with opportunities to establish strategic contacts and business alliances. Social events will facilitate interaction and the exchange of ideas among participants.

Free entry; however, fees published on the BioJapan website will apply for those participating in the partnering program.

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Participació de Biocat a BioJapan 2024

Japan is defined as one of the most stable and powerful economies globally, which translates into its innovation and market opportunities in the fields of science and technology. It is also a pioneer in regenerative medicine, health technology applications, and digitalization.

Therefore, Biocat organizes an agenda from October 7th to 11th where the areas of Kansai (Osaka) and Kanto (Yokohama) will be visited.

  • From October 7th to 8th, events will be attended in the Osaka area together with the EU Japan Centre and the Osaka Government, offering opportunities for partnering, networking, and exclusive visits within our ecosystem.
  • From October 9th to 11th, we will attend the BioJapan 2024 conference held in Yokohama, near Tokyo, one of the most powerful areas in innovation and hubs in life sciences. It's one of the most significant bio and regenerative medicine congresses in Asia.
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